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I love my Grandparents

Main objective:
During the term, each week students from two primary schools in Greece and Italy, which are carrying out a European Comenius project entitled "I love my Grandparents", will be encouraged to speak and give feedback on specific topics related to the project.

Beginner to intermediate

Class type:
Young Learners

Promote communicative competence in English and multicultural awareness.

Activity Focus:
Speaking – Listening - Writing

2-3 minutes

Computer with access to the Internet and headphones.

1.The English teachers of the two schools agree on the topics the students will talk about for the term using Podomatic.
2. Teachers sign up for Podomatic.
3. Teachers create blog in Blogger.
4. Teachers download Audacity and Lame.
5. Teachers show students how to record Mp3 files and save them in the school computers.
6. Students from both countries are divided into groups of 5 (each group works on a different day of the week) and they talk about the different topics individually with a partner from the other country.
7. Students record their talk on Podomatic.
8. Teachers from each school upload the podcasts to Podomatic.
9. Teachers embed Podomatic on blogs.
10. Each student listens to the recording of his/her partner and writes comments or questions in their blog each week.
11. In the end of the term each student writes down what he/she had learned from his/her partner and announces to the class.

12. They share their experience with their schoolmates through an article in the school newspaper.

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